Weslo Cadence 80 Treadmill Review

The Weslo Treadmill, Cadence 80 offers you great features at an affordable price! This treadmill comes with a 3-Position Manual incline that increases your calorie burn and reduces the impact using 3 positions (2%, 5%, 8%). With its Comfort Cell Cushioning, the impact on your ankles, knees and hip joints will be reduced by as much as 15% as compared to road running with this superior absorption system.

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Weslo Treadmill

Other features include a Digital Speed Control which makes it easier to adjust the speed of the treadmill from 0-10 mph using a button on the treadmill console. It also has an oversized Blue-Tinted LCD Display that lets you track your speed, time, distance and calories burned so you can monitor your progress throughout your workout. It also allows you to choose which reading appears in the main display. It has a powerful 1.3 CHP Impulse Drive Motor to let you have a smooth, consistent operation. It’ss engineered to maintain it strength for long term use. This is a large, non-slip 16 x 45 treadmill belt that accommodates long strides and comes pre-lubricated so it’ss ready to go when the treadmill arrives. : We hunted down the best cheap treadmills on the market for less than. One of the best treadmills you can buy and Discover the best treadmill for your budget in 2017. Also, please visit below for Best Buy Treadmill and Best Buy Elliptical products for our current recommendations. Thank you!

Good points: pretty much the most affordable motorized treadmill on the market today stripped away all the things you don’t need in order for the treadmill to be sold at this price Bad points: if you’ve ever used any treadmill above, you’ll find this treadmill to be inferior in so many ways that it’s not even funny incline is manually adjusted and only has three levels you probably can’t find a treadmill belt for a motorized treadmill that’s smaller than this one no matter how hard you look they don’t even bother to provide a separate warranty for the motor and parts and labor.

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