ProForm XP 690T Treadmill Review

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Proform Treadmill

Good points features a larger belt than most treadmills at this price though the iFit Live module is not included, this treadmill is compatible with it so for about, you can get an iFit Live ready treadmill it’s a new 2010 model Bad points we would have liked to see a motor with a slightly higher horsepower rating incline only goes up to 10% instead of 12% or 15% Comments At the time of review, the Proform XP 690T is as good as any other treadmill by Proform or Nordictrack that has a sale price of about. But herein lies the problem. Though it’s as good as any of the others, it doesn’t have anything the differentiates itself from the pack.

The belt at 60″ is a good touch but many people get along fine with 55″. iFit Live is supported but not included so if you decide to add it, it’ll cost you another which would run the total cost close to. So though we recommend this treadmill, you should also look at the other similarly priced treadmills as well.

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