Proform PRO 2500 Treadmill Review

Running on a course with a roller coaster surface is very challenging. And you don’t have to go out and look for a route with lots of waves! The Pro 2500 has conveniently added the feature that lets you easily adjust settings for different incline options without having to scroll down looking for the desired incline. There’s a bonus here because you also get to choose from 0 to -3% Decline, in addition to 0 to 15% Incline. With the 1-Touch™, you will experience running on various trails and different terrains across the globe that will automatically decline and incline. To build more excitement, inject some speed while running. Just touch a button on any options provided in control settings by 0-12 MPH 1-Touch™ Speed. No need to navigate around.


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This treadmill is designed by builders with over 25 years experience in treadmill production. The frame is made from durable materials and the treadbelt is 20” x 60” 2-ply commercial-grade. This particular fitness equipment is definitely built to put up with heavy users weighing to up to 375 lbs. You won’t get bored with lots of workout apps. Whether you like it intense and fast or easy and slow, the 30 built-in programs will let you choose from these 4 workout categories: calorie-burn, incline, speed, and high intensity. You’ll find workouts more enjoyable when running to the beat of your favorite songs. Listen exclusively to music in your MP3 Player or iPod® plugged to Interplay® Music Port. Or play songs and videos loud and clear with Intermix Acoustics™ 2.0 built in sound system. The Pro 2500 treadmill is compatible to iFit Live™ so you can download featured workouts from the Internet anytime. Manage your profile online and create customized design of personal workout that fits you. Experience world tour workouts powered by Google Maps™. Good points: One of the most feature packed treadmills to hit the market from Proform or anywhere else for that matter Features a decline option which very few treadmills anywhere has Strong warranty (at or roundabouts) Improved sound system compared to cheaper models Bad points: Expensive, not sure how low it can go when it’s on sale Comments: At the time of review, the Proform Pro 2500 is selling for a whopping. Of course, this price will drop eventually but to how low, that we’re not sure.

But if you this one selling for or so, it’ll probably be one of the best if not the best for treadmills in that price range. Reason being is that everything short of the new web browser function (Pro 2500 doesn’t have it but Pro 4500 does), you can find on the Pro 2500. This includes a decline option, an above average cushioning system, better audio speakers, iFit Live, powerful motor and belt. With all these awesome features, the warranty and weight capacity and motor belt combination all looks good on paper. The question is, can you afford it?

Loren Lillian

Loren Lillian is a passionate Certified Personal Trainer and a motivator. She is helping his clients to achieve their personal health and fitness goals.