Proform Power 990 Treadmill Review

Lose weight, feel great and stay healthy with the ProForm Power 990 treadmill. It has different workout programs to choose from: 4 performance workouts for pushing your limits, 4 distance workouts for your distance-training goals, 4 weight-loss workouts for maximum calorie burning, and 4 timed workouts to match your workout schedule. The ProForm Power 990 treadmill also introduces the state-of-the-art iFit Live which allows you to customize your workout routine, receive automatic downloads and work out with Jillian Michaels in the internet. And for a more intense workout, you can choose from 1-12mph machine speed and 0-12% machine incline. The ProForm Power 990 treadmill knows that a fun and enjoyable workout is important in achieving efficiency. It has a compatible music port for iPod or mp3, accompanied by an Intermix Acoustics 2.0 sound system for music listening.

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Proform power treadmill

Spend more time on the machine through the ProForm Power 990 treadmill’s built-in workout fan and its adjustable absorption system. Added features of the ProForm Power 990 treadmill include a high-resolution Grafixx display, 20”x55” running treadbelt, 325 lb. weight capacity, a dual-grip EKG heart rate monitor and a powerful 3.0 chp commercial pro motor. With all these, you are sure to achieve the body you’ve always wanted in no time. Good points: The sale price of buys you a lot of treadmill for the money A decent quality 3.0 CHP motor is used which is why the max speed is 12 MPH instead of 10 and 12% incline instead of 10% Supports iFit Live Newly introduced in late 2009 and is thus a 2010 model Bad points: Comes with speakers but Proform has offered better ones Comments: Looking at the Proform Power 990 treadmill, we see a decent all around effort to provide a treadmill that’s built reasonably well and not reasonably expensive. The reasonably not expensive part only applies when it’s on sale for less than. At just below, it qualifies as a decent entry level home treadmill with likely more bells and whistles than you’re going to make use of. Out of all three treadmills from Proform’s “Power Series”, the Proform Power 990 treadmill is likely to be the best choice for most. Although the Proform Power 995 features a longer belt, a slightly more powerful motor and slightly better quality, it’s likely going to be in excess of and thus to more expensive than the Proform Power 990. Depending on your needs, it may or may not be worth it.

The Proform Power 690 is cheaper than the Proform 990 but it’s slightly inferior in quality fo the Proform Power 990. Those who are not novice users but also not quite diehard workout addicts would probably do best on the Proform Power 990 while the Proform Power 690 would suffice for the beginning treadmill user.

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