Proform Power 1080 Treadmill Review

Perform invigorating work-outs inside your home with the Proform Power 1080 treadmill. Your joints are protected while running even on smooth surface by the air-based cushioning system that controls jolts and shock with ProShox™ Lite Cushioning. To ensure accurate reading of heart rate, the handle bars have built-in sensors. To further save space when storing, the Proform Power 1080 treadmill can folded vertically. Inspired by Jillian Michaels? Follow her fitness program through work-out downloads powered by Google Maps™, customize the program, and train along with Jillian while enhancing your profile online. Music is the best partner to exercise. Wring out more sweat while listening to your MP3 or iPod that connects easily to the built-in sound system. Just rest your gadget on the console shelf and lose yourself to energizing Compatible Music. In addition, invigorate your muscles while enjoying the vivid sounds from favorite media with the Intermix Acoustics™ 2.0.


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Power Elliptical

The Power 1080 Touch-Screen Display lets you see the stats of your speed, distance, pulse rate, calories burned, slope incline, and to choose from 30 built-in work-out options. Get a 20-calorie-burn run or 10 all-terrain dash without leaving the house. How intense can you get? The Proform Power 1080 will push you to the limit. With just a few flicks of your finger on the 7” full-color touch screen, you can adjust the desired intensity to a higher or lower level. Get hard or get easy with the work-out intensity control. And get solid results when performing with the Set-a-Goal workout center. Go slow and go fast at your own steam. Choose the desired speed, distance, and time to accomplish a goal and get the result you want from a program. Get the body you want through the Proform Power 1080. Good points: Excellent warranty for a (on sale price) treadmill at five years parts and two years labor iFit Live and 30 built in workout programs literally means you have an unlimited number of options when it comes to working out 350 lb weight capacity combined with a 3.25 CHP motor suggest that this treadmill is one of the more durable ones built by Proform Bad points: Doesn’t have a wireless heart rate monitor Doesn’t have the new decline option found in some new Nordictrack models Comments: The Proform Power 1080 treadmill is one of the better higher end models offered by Proform. As you should never buy at the MSRP prices because they’re most typically going to be slashed at some point in the future, at, the 1080 treadmill is really a decent buy. It’s decent because this treadmill really is well equipped overall. Not only do you get the latest iFit Live technology that was introduced in last year or two, you are also getting one of the more durable products from Proform.

Proform products don’t usually have more than 2 years for its parts warranty and only 1 year for labor warranty (sometimes even 90 days). At 5 years parts and 2 years labor, this is a testament to the fact that they believe it can withstand quite a bit of beating before it needs to be taken in to the shop. If you can get it at the right price, the Proform Power 1080 is a very decent choice.

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