Proform iLog 750 Treadmill Review

You can never go wrong with your workout if you have the ProForm iLog 750 treadmill. It features a computerized fitness logging system that lets you monitor your progress towards your goal easily. Using its iFit Fitness Journal, the iLog 750 quickly generates daily, weekly, monthly and yearly stats. This is great especially if you want to keep track of your exercise records to help better meet your short and long term fitness goals. The Fitness Journal also utilizes a calendar-based, graphic layout for easy navigation and stores your workout information for up to 10 years! Working out doesn’t have to be purely exercise and no fun.


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Proform Treadmill

The iLog 750 has a Universal iPod Dock so you can enjoy your favorite music through 2 high quality speakers while you do your workout. Simply plug in, press play and listen to your favorite music while you exercise! To keep you motivated, this treadmill has a total of 8 built-in training workouts and 10 iFit customizable workouts. This helps you in achieving your full fitness potential. Other features include 0-10 mph Precision QuickSpeed Control, 0-12% Quick Incline, Protech 3 Adjustable Cushioning, EasyDrop Shock, Dual-Grip EKG Heart Rate Monitor, Grafixx Display, and a SpaceSaver Design. We hunted down the best cheap treadmills on the market for less than. One of the best treadmills you can buy and Discover the best treadmill for your budget in 2017. Also, please visit below for Best Buy Treadmill and Best Buy Elliptical products for our current recommendations. Thank you! Good points you can keep track of your fitness progress through the days, weeks and months using the iFit Fitness journal (hence the model name iLog) music capable meaning you can plug in your iPod and have music blast out from the speakers on the treadmill motor has a higher horsepower rating than what you would normally find lifetime warranty on motor and frame Bad points no heart rate control programs or wireless heart rate monitor (only comes with dual-grip heart rate monitor) parts warranty is only one year long console feels a bit dated buying this treadmill for the Marathon workouts is probably a bad idea as home treadmills are not equipped to handle so much abuse Comments Out of all the treadmills that come with a TV integrated, the Proform Perspective ES treadmill is probably your best bet. The only other real contender in the TV treadmill space is probably the Epic View 550 which received a recommendation by Consumer Reports magazine the last time it looked at treadmills. But if you actually compare the Proform Perspective ES and the Epic View 550, you’d notice that they’re practically identical. In fact, outside of the exterior logo stamping and the color change, spec for spec, they’re the same. So if you’re in the market for a TV treadmill, should you buy the Epic View 550 or the Proform Perspective ES? If you place your faith in the Consumer Reports magazine, then go with the Epic View 550 but for us, it’s better to save the extra and buy the Proform Perspective ES instead.

Truth be told, a TV treadmill is not such a great deal. Even though these TV treadmills are higher in quality than our recommendations for under, they’re still more expensive than they should and could be. Considering how much in price standalone TVs have gone down in price in recent years, you can get one of our under a picks and get a standalone TV and you’ll still have more money left than buying a Proform Perspective ES or an Epic View 550. But some folks like their treadmills right in front of them when they exercise and that’s just a matter of personal taste too.

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