Proform 980 CS Treadmill Review

If you find yourself at lost in looking for a good fitness equipment or machine, the ProForm 980 CS treadmill has the answer to such problems. Because it is from ProForm, the quality is assured through its 3.0 chp Mach Z Commercial Pro motor, ProStride Adjustable cushioning and a 350-lb. weight capacity. The ProForm 980 CS treadmill also provides you with a comfortable and a user-friendly equipment with its SpaceSaver design, EKG heart rate sensors built into the handlebars, a workout fan, and a music port for your music devices for easy music listening.


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Proform, 980, CS, Treadmill, Review

Proform Treadmill

Its 0-12 incline and 0-12 mph speed enables you to change the incline, speed and intensity of the machine with just a touch of a button. Aside from these features, the ProForm 980 CS treadmill guarantees you an unforgettable time on the machine through the state-of-the-art iFit Workout Card Technology which allows you to listen to a voice of a personal trainer guiding you throughout your entire workout. An iFit Fitness Journal is also included where you and another user can track your workout progress for as long as 10 years. Not content with these, the makers of the ProForm 980 CS treadmill included in the machine different programmed workouts designed by a certified personal trainer which will help you in reaching your goals: 8 Competition Workouts, 8 Performance Workouts, and 8 Weight-Loss Workouts. Last but not the least, the workout intensity meter of the treadmill will alert you when you need to adjust your workout intensity. : We hunted down the best cheap treadmills on the market for less than. One of the best treadmills you can buy and Discover the best treadmill for your budget in 2017. Also, please visit below for Best Buy Treadmill and Best Buy Elliptical products for our current recommendations. Thank you! Good points: Comes with 24 preprogrammed workouts and iFit card technology which is an excellent start for those who want variety in their workout programs Comes with an iFit Fitness journal and an intensity meter which are two extra features you don’t usually see from Proform A 350 lb maximum weight is higher than most treadmills in this price range Large belt powered by a 3.0 CHP which is in the upper echelon Bad points: Would have liked to see a longer warranty Does not support iFit Live despite being a treadmill introduced in 2010 Comments: You can say that the Proform 980 CS is a treadmill that has nothing really going for it. Yet, you can also say the Proform 980 CS is a treadmill that has nothing really going against it. In many ways, the Proform 980 CS is a solid though not necessarily a stellar choice.

For example, the belt and the motor are both great for a treadmill that can be had for less than, it has a ton of workout programs, it also has a fitness journal and a workout meter which though unusual, its usefulness can certainly be debated. Which leads us to the conclusion that the Proform 980 CS is a safe, solid but not necessarily a stellar choice.

Loren Lillian

Loren Lillian is a passionate Certified Personal Trainer and a motivator. She is helping his clients to achieve their personal health and fitness goals.