Proform 590T Treadmill Review

From one of the leading names in fitness machines comes the Proform 590T. This Proform treadmill combines simplicity and technology that will surely make workout much more fun and effective. The Proform 590T is equipped with the iFit workout card technology, each designed by a certified personal trainer that could be simply plugged in the console. This will automatically adjust the speed and incline of the machine while a voice of a personal trainer guides you through the whole workout. Lost weight and improved performance is thus guaranteed in just 8 weeks. The Proform 590T also features 12 quick calorie-burn workouts workouts ranging from 200-750 calories. For further workout efficiency, the Proform 590T also allows you to adjust your speed with a single touch of a button through its 1-10 mph quickspeed feature and a 0-10% quick incline for easy but wide machine inclination. Safety is another important factor to consider when choosing a perfect exercise machine. That is why the Proform 590T assures you that your joints are protected by reducing impact by as much as 15%, as compared to running on the road, with its super absorption Protech cushioning system.

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ProForm 505 CST Treadmill

The Proform 590T also has a wide 20”x55” running treadbelt so you could have more space for different and more stable footing. The heart rate monitor built in the handlebars ensure that you stay within your target training zone. The Proform 590T’s 300 lb. weight capacity compliments the guaranty of a sturdy and safe treadmill for you. Other features of the Proform 590T include a backlit LCD where you could easily gain access to your workout progress, a RaceTrack which allows you to view such progress in a track-style design and the Proform 590T spacesaver design for easy storage after a powerful workout. All these combined, the Proform 590T is one treadmill you shouldn’t miss.

Good points: Belt combination is generous at 20″X55″ for a treadmill that sells for when it’s on sale One of the newest 2010 models Decent one year parts and labor warranty for the price Comes with iFit Sleek design Bad points: Motor is of average horsepower Quality and reliability is questionable due to price point Comments: If you saw this treadmill in person, you might be wondering as to how something like this could sell for as little as? With the slick and sleek new black design combined with the usual handful of treadmill features such as high tech looking console, cushioning technology, spacious belt, spacesaver design and so on, how could it sell for a measly? Well realistically, they probably had to cut back on something somewhere so though this is a feature packed treadmill, it might not be as durable as one would like. This is not to say that the treadmill is going to break down on you after 60 minutes of exercise but just be realistic here because you’re really getting a heck lot of treadmill for (sale price during Black Friday.) At the regular retail price of however, there are much better choices.

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