Proform 1310E Elliptical Review

The Pro-Form 1310E Elliptical will without a doubt, make anyone fall head over heels for fitness. This Pro-Form unit has the right mix of heavy duty, comfort, and lifestyle that will guarantee an enjoyable workout every time. The 1310 is heavy duty. It’s built with a 378-pound user capacity. It’s made from commercial-grade solid steel and over sized levelers to ensure the machine’s stability at all times. Everything is literally smooth and steady with this unit because it is equipped with an effective inertia enhanced flywheel and silent magnetic resistance. Comfort is a guarantee with the 1310E. It comes with a power adjustable slide, over sized cushioned foot pedals that can easily be adjusted to suit your preferences, and soft-touch upper body grips. It delivers an intensive total body workout but with the minimum impact possible. One’s lifestyle will never get compromised with the Pro-Form 1310E. Workout as much as you want and still have time to watch your favorite TV shows, surf the web, or listen to your favorite tunes. This elliptical machine is iPod-compatible. It likewise is equipped with an integrated tablet holder. Not just that, it come’s with a web-enabled built-in full-color touch display. Working out will never be boring with the 1310E. Apart from 32 pre-installed workout apps, 25 digital resistance levels, and digital quick incline, use its iFit-enabled feature and have unlimited access to more workout routines and programs. PROFORM 1310E Review Price We’re reviewing the Proform 1310E based on a sale price of. Price Comparison of the Proform 1310E and Proform 1110E: The Proform 1310E is currently on sale at while the Proform 1110E is priced at. Comparison of the Proform 1310E and Proform 1110E: At the time of review the Proform 1310E is priced more than the 1110E. Let’s compare both models to find out if this price difference is justified. To start with, the Proform 1310E and 1110E have identical number of resistance levels and workout apps. They also have the same adjustable stride length from 20″ to 22″ and 32-pound flywheel. They both have enhancements on the hand grips and foot pedals, built-in sound system, and in-handle controls. Both models are also tied when it comes to the warranty section since they offer lifetime frame coverage, 5 years for parts, and 2 years for labor. Perhaps the main advantage of the more expensive 1310E is its incline function that will allow the user to target lower body muscles for a more intense workout. Of course, we cannot also ignore the high-tech console display of this model. For amenities, the 1310E has a cooling fan and a wireless chest strap which the 1110E does not have. Considering all these, we feel that at its price, the Proform 1110E does not disappoint. In fact, its features are comparable to the more expensive 1310E and offers very good value for your money. A thousand dollars more is obviously a big chunk of money to part with if you decide to go for the 1310E. However, if you feel that the incline feature and the modern console display will help you reach your fitness goals faster, then it’s your call. What Makes The Proform 1310E Worth Buying? – The Proform 1310E has an adjustable stride length that measures from 20″ to 22″. Since you are able to adjust the length the stride, this makes it ideal for household with multiple users. – Another great feature of this elliptical is its 20-degree incline level which not many models have. This feature allows you to pedal in an uphill slope which adds challenge and variety to your workout. – One of the things you should pay attention to would be the number of resistance levels that the elliptical has. The resistance levels measure the difficulty of your workout which can be adjusted by altering the tension of the flywheel, making it harder for you to pedal. Most ellipticals would have 16 to 20 resistance levels. This model has 25. -This elliptical machine’s 32-inch flywheel weight is probably one of the heaviest flywheels that we have come across. Average weight for this component is around 18 to 24lbs. – Model has a 7-inch full-color touch screen console display which makes it easier for you to monitor your speed, time and calorie stats. Plus it’s web-enabled, so you can browse the internet even while you’re working out. – Another consideration would be the elliptical’s footpedals since your feet stay on the pedals the whole time that you’re working out. We’re happy to find that this model has adjustable, oversized and cushioned pedals. What Makes The Proform 1310E NOT Worth Buying? – This elliptical claims to support a 375-pound user weight capacity but Proform did not disclose the actual weight of the machine. This makes us question the stability of the unit.

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