Proform 1050T Treadmill Review

The ProForm 1050T treadmill is the epitome of a simple yet effective fitness machine. It provides 20 calorie-burning workout programs to choose from and the machine will adjust automatically the speed and incline to suit your goals. A more intense workout is equivalent to more calories burned. That is why the ProForm 1050T treadmill provides you with choices of speed and incline, from 1-12mph and 0-12%, respectively. Heart rate sensors are built into the handlebars so you can always stay within your target training zone, a routine which is proven to efficiently provide workout results. A built-in track-style display gives you accurate information on your workout progress. Your comfort and enjoyment is also important. The ProForm 1050T treadmill enables you to groove along with your favorite tunes while on the machine through a compatible port for iPod or mp3 player and a sound system that provides a rich and equalized sound. Also featured are the 20”x60” running treadbelt that allows you long and natural strides, a SpaceSaver design that help you with after-use storage problems, and a weight limit of 325 lbs. for added durability. With all these features and specifications, there is nothing more to ask for with the ProForm 1050T treadmill.

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ProForm 705 CST Treadmill

Good points: Larger treadbelt than most treadmills, especially treadmills in this price range (less than during sale) New 2010 design is modern and sleek Longer than average parts warranty at 2 years rather than the typical 1 year Bad points: Lacking a few of the higher end extra features such as the new iFit Live module support or a built in TV New but unproven model since there are no buyer reviews for it yet Comments: Update (Feb 20th, 2010): The Proform 1050T is selling for one of the lowest prices since its introduction at. We’re not sure if this “weekend sale” price will last beyond this weekend (sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t) but it’s unlikely that you’ll find Proform selling it for less than unless they’re clearing out inventory and having a closeout sale. This probably won’t happen until the end of the year however so if you’ve been thinking about getting this particular treadmill, now is a good as time as any. This is one of the newest models that Proform is currently selling at the time of review (January 2010). With a MSRP of, it sits at the upper middle range of treadmills in Proform’s lineup. As you’re likely to catch it on sale for a price less than, you’ll have to excuse it for not having the “luxury extras” such as the new iFit Live which integrates with Google Maps via Wi-Fi or a built in TV. Luckily, like most treadmills sold by Proform nowadays, you do have iPod support. Warranty at 2 years is a testament to Proform’s confidence in their new lineup’s quality.

Loren Lillian

Loren Lillian is a passionate Certified Personal Trainer and a motivator. She is helping his clients to achieve their personal health and fitness goals.