Proform 10.0 CE Elliptical Review

If you are looking for the best elliptical trainer and you seem not to find the one that you need, then maybe you need to stop looking and settle with the Proform 10.0 CE. This is definitely the elliptical trainier that you have been looking for. With this specific elliptical trainer, you can definitely burn more calories and lose more. The Proform 10.0 CE comes with an adjustable stride, and has 18 workout apps and is an iFit Live Technology compatible. This means that this elliptical is built to give the user excellent workout results in no time! This also comes with the Dual-Grip EKG Heart Rate Monitor that allows the users to monitor their heart rate. With this feature, you can definitely be ensured that you stay on top of your preferred training goals. It also has a music port which would allow users to listen to their favorite music to keep them up while doing exercises Since this specific elliptical is iFit Live Compatible, it allows you to do your exercise and have the feel of touring around the world. Definitely an amazing elliptical that could keep up with your fitness goals. It also comes with the upper-body arms that provide a great total-body workout and increased cardio benefits for all users who are looking into having intensive workout routines. If you are looking for the best elliptical trainer which is affordable and something that you could use in the comfort of your very own homes, then what you are looking for is the Proform 10.0 CE. Good Points: Most ellipticals especially those that retail for don’t offer 5 strides but this is exactly what you’re getting if you purchase the 10.0 CE which features adjustable strides from 16” to 20” 18 built-in workout programs is generous and 6 of those have been designed for weight loss in mind There is room for the Proform 10.0 CE’s price to drop and if you catch it on sale, or quite possibly even is not out of the question If you catch it on sale and you’re willing to invest for an iFit Live, you could get an elliptical comparable in features to many elliptical for less than. We were hoping to see a higher weight capacity but Proform only suggests users up to 275 lb should use it No incline/ramp option Reliability and durability is average at best considering the price, weight capacity, machine weight and warranty Verdict: If you look at Proform’s elliptical selection, you will discover that the majority of them are priced under and the Proform 10.0 CE released for 2012 is no exception. With a MSRP of, we predict it could potentially drop another to during promotional periods which makes for a really affordable elliptical. But for an elliptical to be this affordable, something has to give. For Proform ellipticals, one of our main concerns is just how well it can endure the tougher and more serious users and this is indeed our main concern with the 10.0 CE. For this reason, it would be hard to recommend this elliptical unless you only intend on working out occasionally. But if you’re a first time elliptical buyer and you’re in the market for a starter elliptical, this is not a bad elliptical to take a closer look at.

Loren Lillian

Loren Lillian is a passionate Certified Personal Trainer and a motivator. She is helping his clients to achieve their personal health and fitness goals.