Proform Power 1495 Treadmill Review

PRO-FORM POWER 1495 Running on a treadmill would never be the same again that’s all thanks to the Pro-Form Power 1495. Its built-in iFit technology takes runners to any trail on Google Maps. The treadmill will automatically adjust to make runners feel the real trail. Get a full load of incline training with the Power 1495. Options include incline levels of 0-15%, decline levels of 0-3% and the unit will just adjust automatically depending on the trail or route you download from Google Maps or create yourself. A 3.5 CHP Mach Z Commercial Pro Motor powers the unit. It isw ith a 20″ x 60″ 2-ply commercial tread belt and being heavy duty, a 350-lb user can comfortably run on the machine without ever worrying that it might break. This Pro-Form unit comes with state of the art features. Enjoy running while listening to music on account of its music port that’s compatible with an iPod. There’s a variety of built-in workout apps to choose from and there’s its 10-inch touchscreen full-color display. With the package likewise come the standard Pro-Form features. The SpaceSaver design, the Coolaire workout fan, Proshox cushioning and an EKG grip pulse among many others. PROFORM POWER 1495- Review Price: We’re reviewing the Proform Power 1495 based on a sale price of. Price Comparison of the Proform Power 1495 and Proform Power 995i: Both models belong to Proform’s Power series. At the time of review, the Power 1495 is selling at while the Power 995i has a sale price of. Comparison of the Proform Power 1495 and the Proform Power 995i: Let’s start with the most noticeable difference between these two models which is the motor capacity. The Power 995i has a 3.0HP motor capacity which is one of the strongest motors we’ve seen in this price range. However, not to be outdone, the upgraded Power 1495 has even a stronger motor rating of 3.5HP. Expectedly, the Power 1495 which is the more expensive of the two models has the longer warranty for parts and labor. This model also comes with a wireless chest strap for heart rate monitoring, has 4 additional workout apps, plus a bigger and better display as compared to the Power 995i. Another major difference is the decline function which the Power 995i does not have. In conclusion, we can say that upgrades between the two models were made by Proform to benefit more serious runners. In terms of basic features, the Power 995i does not really disappoint. But you get upgrades with the Power 1495 (i.e. additional programs, better display, decline function, chest strap). The difference between these two models is still a big chunk of money to part with, but you can decide which model to buy depending on your needs, budget and preference as a treadmill user. What Makes The Proform Power 1495 Worth Buying? – The Proform Power 1495 has an impressive 3.5CHP motor capacity which, based on our experience, will have no problem driving th.e 20″x60″ treadbelt with ease at a maximum speed of 12mph. – Another great feature of this model is its 15% incline and -3%decline levels which will allow you to target your lower leg muscles better – The model also comes complete with a Cooling fan, 10″full-color display, compatible music port for ipod and Pro-shox cushioning which helps make your workout more comfortable and enjoyable. – Your purchase of this unit is protected by a lifetime warranty for frame and motor, 5 years for parts, and 2 years for labor. What Makes The Proform Power 1495 NOT Worth Buying? – We don’t see any machine weight information to justify the model’s 350-pound max user weight capacity. Stability may be an issue here. – Proform made this model iFit-enabled but you need to shell out additional cash for the membership to enjoy the benefits of this feature.

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