ProForm Power 1080i Treadmill Review

A good workout is one that allows a person to train every aspect of their body and enhance them. ProForm is a company that revels in this, ensuring clients and customers everywhere of an intense full body training. Their latest product, the ProForm Power 1080i, is proof of that. One feature that most people will enjoy is the pre-programmed list of routines to try out. In fact, there are 32 apps to choose from. What this means is that users will be getting a truly diverse workout set that can help them achieve all their physical fitness goals. Keeping track of one’s health is always important even when working out. This is why it’s good to know that the ProForm Power 1080i is outfitted with a Polar Wireless Chest Strap and Dual Grip EKG heart rate monitor. With these features, one is working out while ensuring proper heart rate. There’s nothing better than working out to some music. With this treadmill, people will be taking full advantage of the mp3 player port. Now, one can finally work out to the beat of the music, making it a truly enjoyable exercise session. With the use of the iFit console, users will receive updates on their training. They can access virtual terrains through Google Maps and receive the latest video workouts. They can also expect training from professional fitness instructor Jillian Michaels. The ProForm Power 1080i is certainly a treadmill which offers on the best benefits. With this machine, one can lose excess body weight in the most effective manner. For those looking for a reliable fitness machine, look no further than ProForm.

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ProForm 705 CST Treadmill

Good Points: The Proform Power 1080i comes with an above 3.25 CHP motor that is also coupled with a belt that is above average in spaciousness at 20”x60”. We have no complaints here as this an above average offering in this price class You also get a much coveted decline option that is still somewhat rare in 2012/2013. We expect this this to become more common though in the coming years The 10” LCD console display here is better than most sub 7” LCD/LED consoles that dominate the market Respectable 5 year parts and 2 year labor warranty Comes with an iPad Holder shelf which is something we haven’t seen anywhere else before Though the Proform Power 1080i comes with iFit built-in, you would still need to purchase a subscription. In terms of cost, this is the same as buying a wireless module for an iFit compatible machine since both costs and by buying the module, you get a free 1 year subscription anyway. Weight of the machine is not specified so there is a possibility that heavier users might not find the machine as stable as it should be

Verdict: With a retail web price of, the Proform Power 1080i is currently selling at at the time of review. This would translate to about a to difference between it and the Power 995c which is also a model. Since there is a noticeable price difference between the two, we would have hoped that the Power 1080i would dazzle us with its upgrades but admittedly, it has failed to do so. The main things the Power 1080i has going for it over the Proform Power 995c is that it comes with a superior warranty (which often means better overall reliability) a decline option, a bigger console and a slightly more powerful motor. We most definitely appreciate the longer warranty because it almost always mean the manufacturer has more confidence in its durability but the other upgrades are more along the lines of “nice to haves” instead of necessities. That is why unless you’re the type that likes to splurge or if you feel these improvements really justify the added cost, the Proform Power 995c is the better value. But the Proform Power 1080i is of course, the better machine of the two if money is not a concern.

Loren Lillian

Loren Lillian is a passionate Certified Personal Trainer and a motivator. She is helping his clients to achieve their personal health and fitness goals.