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PRO-FORM PERFORMANCE 300 For those wanting to run minus the stress, the Pro-Form Performance 300 is the unit of choice. It is equipped with ProShox Cushioning technology that changes the elevation of the deck when it responds to the user’s movement. The Performance 300 is equipped with the Pro-form-patented basics. There’s the SpaceSaver design that makes it a breeze to stow away right after use. Literally fold and unfold the unit in just seconds. Likewise, the basic Pro-Form warranty comes in the bundle. It is covered by a 90-day warranty for parts and labor, 5-year warranty on its frame and also a 5-year warranty on its motor. Enjoy every run as you see your stats on the large LCD screen. Monitoring speed, calories burned, heart rate, and mileage at your convenience. This Pro-Form unit also comes with 16 pre-installed workout apps, 0-10% quick incline feature, EKG grip pulse, a workout fan, and an audio system that’s i-Pod compatible. PROFORM PERFORMANCE 300 Review Price We’re reviewing the Proform Performance 300 based on a sale price of. Price Comparison of the Proform Performance 300 and Proform Performance 400C: The Proform Performance 300 currently sells at while the Performance 400C sells at. Comparison of the Proform Performance 300 and Proform Performance 400C: There’s a difference between these two models with the Performance 400C costing more. Given this fact, it was surprising to find that the lesser priced Performance 300 has the stronger motor capacity of 2.75HP as compared to the Performance 440C’s 2.5HP. Both models, however, have identical maximum speeds of 10mph, maximum incline levels of 10% and same bells and whistles like a cooling fan, iPod compatible port and quick keys. So here’s

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ProForm 6.0 RT 3.7 out of 5 stars 148 customer reviews | 102 answered questions

what you get for more: – A wider 20-inch belt as compared to only 18″ from the Performance 300. The belt is longer too at 55″. This means there’s more space for you to move and the belt would be better at accommodating your stride. – Two additional built-in workout programs. – For the warranties, the Performance 300 is protected with a 5-Year Frame & Motor Warranty, and a 90-Day Parts & Labor Warranty. On the other hand, the Performance 400c has a Lifetime frame Warranty, a 25-Year Motor Warranty, and 1-Year Parts & Labor Warranty. So, the final question is this: Is the difference justified? Considering almost all things equal, perhaps your major deciding factor will be the warranty section. Generally speaking, a longer coverage would mean a better quality machine. If you’re the type of buyer who would like to have a better peace of mind, the Performance 400C would be the better option. The extra you’ll shell out for this model will be worth it since you get more value for your purchase in the long run. What Makes The Proform Performance 300 Worth Buying? -Well, first of all, its affordable price. This entry-level treadmill is ideal for those on a budget but would still want to exercise in their home on their own treadmill. – For treadmills priced below, you can only expect motor capacities between 1.6 to 1.9HP. So you’re getting quite a good deal here since this model’s motor capacity is definitely stronger at 2.75HP which allows the unit to drive at a top speed of 10kph. – Another plus feature for this treadmill is its incline function that can go up to a maximum of 10%. This is something that you won’t get to have in other similarly-priced models. – If space is an issue for you, this unit’s fold-up design can help solve that problem. – This treadmill also comes complete with bells and whistles that will make your workout more comfortable like a cooling fan, iPod compatible audio, 5″ x 7″ matrix display and quick speed controls. What Makes The Proform Performance 300 NOT Worth Buying? – The belt size of 18″ X 50″ may not be long enough or wide enough to accommodate your natural stride. Although a small belt size is expected at this price, we won’t recommend this model for taller users or if you plan to use it for serious running. – The stated maximum user weight capacity is 300lbs.but there’s no information on how much the unit actually weighs, so stability of the unit is a little questionable for us. -The 90-day coverage for parts and labor plus the 5-year frame and motor warranties make us a little wary of this model’s quality. Longer warranties would indicate that the machine is more durable.

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