NordicTrack T7 Si Treadmill Review

Exercise at the comfort of your home with the NordicTrack T7 si Treadmill. Its features include an iFiT Workout Card Technology that allows you to lose weight with the voiceprompt of a personal trainer guiding you through each workout. It is plugged into the treadmill’s console, automatically changing your speed and incline. It also has an AutoBreeze Workout Fan, giving you the feeling of running outside while the breeze cools off your body. It has 4 fan settings so you can adjust it to the speed that you like.

This treadmill utilizes an extended treadbelt letting you run, walk or sprint in long strides on the spacious deck. The treadbelt’s surface design makes your workout safer by giving you the traction you need each time you use it. The NordicTrack T7 si treadmill can accommodate up to weights of 365 lbs, and it uses a motor more powerful than the other ordinary brands so you can exercise for a long period of time. Now, you can maximize its use without worrying about wear and tear of the equipment. This Treadmill gives you optimal performance along with its other features including 12 Personal Trainer Workouts, a Heart Rate Monitor, 0-10 MPH 1-Touch Speed, 0% to 10% 1-Touch Incline, Hi-Resolution LCD Technology, adjustable cushioning, and ports compatible with an iPod. Good points Starting MSRP price is low and the sale price is often lower which means it’s usually at least a good value purchase basically an unlimited number of programs to work out to if you include the iFit card technology Comes with iPod dock Acceptable warranty for the price? Bad points No wireless heart rate monitor (grip heart rate monitors are available however) Motor is just only adequate for the belt Comments Although not a mind shattering bargain, the Nordictrack T7 si treadmill is usually a decent buy. Whether it’s the best choice available for the price depends on how much it’s going on sale for and how much the other treadmills are going on sale for. At the current time of review, the makes this Nordictrack treadmill the best buy in the sub category. Overall, it’s a good balance of features and quality at an attractive price.

Loren Lillian

Loren Lillian is a passionate Certified Personal Trainer and a motivator. She is helping his clients to achieve their personal health and fitness goals.