Nordictrack Freemotion t7.3 Treadmill Review

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Good points: Sturdily built, one of the most durable and sturdy treadmills from Nordictrack One of the widest belts available anywhere Two year labor and parts warranty is impressive Motor is top notch Bad points: Skimpier in features and extras than what you would expect for a treadmill at this price A bit expensive even at a 60% discount from its regular price Comments: If you want a strict, no frills home treadmill that has the feel of a commercial treadmill, the Nordictrack Freemotion t7.3 is probably as close as you’re going to get. Reckon, the price is not cheap at but if you’re patient, you might be able to catch it on sale for as low as. But is a serious investment and for those users who are not going to exhaust their treadmills like there’s no tomorrow, you probably don’t need this work horse. For those that do need a workout, then this treadmill is probably your number one pick.

Loren Lillian

Loren Lillian is a passionate Certified Personal Trainer and a motivator. She is helping his clients to achieve their personal health and fitness goals.