Nordictrack E 9.0 Elliptical Elliptical Review


Are you looking for the best elliptical trainer that you could use at home? Do you want something that could help you achieve your fitness goals? If your answer is yes, then what you are looking for is the Nordictrack E 9.0 Elliptical. This specific training equipment is IFIT LIVE COMPATIBLE which allows you to customize your very own work out routines and it also allows you to receive automatic workout downloads and at the same time, it also allows the user to manage their very own profile online. This Nordictrack E 9.0 Elliptical is also ideal for people who have issues with space. This elliptical trainer comes with a SPACESAVER DESIGN so getting in shape is something that should not get in your way since you can easily fold this elliptical right after using it. It also comes with 30 BUILT IN WORKOUT APPS which would allow you to choose from 20 workouts to focus on your targeted areas of choose from among 10 of your chosen workouts. With its simple navigation, you can definitely navigate it easily to pick your preferred workout routines. Another amazing thing about this elliptical is that it is smooth and frictionless that allows the user to adjust their preferred workout intensity and choose from 10 levels of resistance to make sure that they get to focus on their targeted work out goals. If you are looking for the best elliptical, then check out what the Nordictrack E 9.0 Elliptical could offer and find out how it would help you achieve your fitness goals. Good Points: The Nordictrack E9.0 features a very rare -10 degree incline. When most ellipticals under don’t even have an incline option, it makes having a decline ramp stand out all the more Comes with an abundant 30 preprogrammed workouts so even if you don’t plan on getting the iFit Live module, there’s still plenty for you to experiment with It’s good to see Nordictrack continue the trend of offering multiple stride lengths for the Elite (E) series of ellipticals Good 3 years on warranty which is above average for a elliptical Includes a wireless chess strap which is also above average and unexpected for this price 350 weight capacity with a 30 lb flywheel – both figures suggest Nordictrack has really upped the quality on this one Includes rarely seen in-handle control keys so you can adjust resistance and incline without even touching the console screen It would probably be too greedy of us to ask that it include an iFit Live module and subscription as well Though we know the weight of the flywheel, the total weight of the machine is still not stated so we still have some doubts on the overall quality of the elliptical Verdict: It’s not often that we’re impressed with an elliptical that’s sold for less than but that’s exactly the case here with the Nordictrack E9.0. Despite a regular price of and a sale price of at the time of review, we’re surprised at just how many features the elliptical has from decline ramp to wireless heart rate strap to an impressive 30 workout programs. This is not to say it has everything Nordictrack could possibly include because it still lacks an iFit Live module and integrated web browser. But remember, this is only a elliptical so Nordictrack has to save something for its upper end models. We’ve pretty much gotten used to the feature-laden ellipticals that Nordictrack is known for but the E9.0 excels in a second area: quality. Now, now, it’s still nowhere close to what we would consider commercial grade and we would still be hesitant in recommending this to users who are determined to give hell to their ellipticals. But it’s not often we see an elliptical feature a 30 lb flywheel and this coming from Nordictrack makes it all the more impressive. The 350 weight capacity, 3 year parts is just icing on the cake. The only piece of missing information is the weight of the elliptical. Along with the A.C.T Commercial, this is arguably the best elliptical offering from Nordictrack’s under category in 2012. Catch it while it’s still on sale!

Loren Lillian

Loren Lillian is a passionate Certified Personal Trainer and a motivator. She is helping his clients to achieve their personal health and fitness goals.