Nordictrack E8.0 Elliptical Elliptical Review

Are you looking for an elliptical trainer which would allow you to customize your workout and comes with an adjustable stride and incline? Then the Nordictrack E8.0 Elliptical is the best elliptical trainer that would be perfect for your needs. Because this elliptical trainer machine comes with adjustable incline and stride, you can definitely train faster and get better results in no time. Since you can customize your own workout routines, this elliptical trainer is perfect for all members of your family. You can also choose from among 24 fat burning workouts that could help you get rid of your excess fats and have a sexier and leaner new you. All these can only be achieved when you get your very own Nordictrack E8.0 Elliptical. It comes with 22 resistance levels so you can pick your preferred resistance and burn more calories in just one touch. It also has a silent magnetic resistance so you would not be interrupted with noisy machine and just enjoy doing your workout routines silently. This product comes with a lifetime warranty and two year warranty for parts and 1 year warranty for labor which means that you really get a lot when you consider this Nordictrack E8.0 Elliptical. This is definitely worth your money because of its amazing features. If you think that it is too late to become healthy, then you with the help of the Nordictrack E8.0 Elliptical, you can definitely say that it is never too late to be healthy as long as you have the best elliptical trainer such as the Nordictrack E8.0 Elliptical. You don’t often see pedals that are angle adjustable, oversized and cushioned all at the same time. One common problem with elliptical foot pedals is that they’re uncomfortable because everyone’s feet are slightly different. By being adjustable, you can tweak the angle for increased comfort. Oversized pedals allow more room for your feet to move and the cushioning helps reduce the impact your feet receive. Includes a wireless heart rate strap which is slightly unexpected at this price It’s not often you see multiple stride lengths on an elliptical but the Nordictrack E8.0 is one of them with stride lengths from 18” to 20”. Different stride lengths can help you train different muscle groups and allows families with members of different heights to find a stride that best suits them. We’re surprised to see a 25lb flywheel at this price We’re happy to see the E8.0 include an incline but it’s only up to 20 degrees and you don’t get the decline seen in the Nordictrack E 9.0 for example Since we don’t know the weight of the elliptical, it’s hard to say how credible the suggested 325lb weight capacity is or how likely you’ll need to make use of the 2 year parts warranty Verdict The regular price of the Nordictrack E8.0 is but you can expect it to drop to around come sale time. For 2012, Nordictrack released a new lineup called Elite Series which is where the E in E8.0 comes from. If you compare all the ellipticals in the Elite Series, the E8.0 is right in the middle in terms of features and quality. Though the E8.0 is an improvement over its little brothers the E5.5, E5.7 and E7.1, the improvements are not significant and we feel anything more than is definitely too much. A price that we would definitely recommend you buy at without any hesitation is around the mark which is not entirely out of the question. But at the regular price of, there are so many better deals out there.

Loren Lillian

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