Nordictrack A2750 Pro Treadmill Review

This new 2010 model supports the iFit Live technology which allows you to download custom trails from all over the world (like the Great Wall of China) Generously spacious belt Good solid treadmill with a good solid weight capacity Lots of built in workouts Usually sells for more than the A2550 Pro with upgrades that we don’t think is worth that much iFit Live module is sold separately 2010 Black Friday Price: (One of the best mid range treadmills is now available at an even lower price. We really don’t know whether you can purchase this treadmill at this amazingly low bargain price once Black Friday is offer so don’t miss out.) Unlike the Nordictrack A2550 Pro where it was actually the “Pro” version of the Nordictrack A2550, the Nordictrack A2750 Pro does not actually have a “non pro” version as far as we’re aware of. In many ways, these two treadmills are very similar with the Nordictrack A2750 Pro coming up ahead in a few small categories with the main improvements being more workout programs,a larger belt which is in turn supported by a more powerful treadmill motor and a slight improvement in durability. For an extra bucks (black Friday pricing) it’s probaby worth it for most. For those on a tight budget, you wouldn’t be missing out on a whole lot by getting the Nordictrack A2550 Pro instead of the A2750 Pro instead. At, the A2750 Pro by Nordictrack comes highly recommended. The NordicTrack A2750 treadmill has been described as the ultimate treadmill. It has the innovative iFiT Live which is a wireless connection that allows you to receive automatic downloads from and a whole more features that will motivate you to achieve your goals of weight loss and healthy body. The NordicTrack A2750 treadmill also has 10 performance workout programs, 6 distance workout programs (1 mile, 5k, 5 mile, 10k, 10 mile, half marathon) and 6 weight-loss workout programs. To better achieve an effective workout and to intensify such, the NordicTrack A2750 treadmill features a 0-12% 1-Touch Incline, a 0-12 MPH 1-Touch Speed and a heart rate monitor for ensuring you stay within your target training zone. Quality is another guaranty that the NordicTrack A2750 treadmill provides. Its 2.75 HP DurX Commercial Plus Motor enables you longer workout time while providing an even and smooth machine. The 20in.x 60in. Quiet Treadbelt of the NordicTrack A2750 treadmill is capable of handling multiple users. It also has the ComfortShox Cushioning for better impact absorption thus minimizing injuries and a 350-lb. weight capacity for assured machine sturdiness. The NordicTrack A2750 treadmill does not fall short when it comes to advances in fitness technology. It has a compatible music port for iPod, an iPod compatible audio and an Intermix Acoustics 3.0, all providing you a good sound system during your entire workout. The NordicTrack A2750 treadmill also provides you with your workout stats when you want it with its touch-screen display. Another feature is its SpaceSaver Design for easy machine storage.

Loren Lillian

Loren Lillian is a passionate Certified Personal Trainer and a motivator. She is helping his clients to achieve their personal health and fitness goals.