ProForm 1110 E Elliptical Review

The ProForm 1110 E elliptical machine was given a sleek design and higher-end technical features. It gives a versatile experience in workout with the iFit system allowing users to fully customize their workout. All of the options are shown on the 7” backlit display. Other great additions are the integrated Quick Touch handles that adjust incline, stride length, and resistance, 32 workout apps; a built-in 8-inch CoolAire fan and transport wheels that are front mounted. Other features are: Monitoring the heart rate during a workout is important with the built-in handlebar sensors and Polar Wireless Chest Strap. Both readings are displayed on the console. Oversized, Traction-Control Pedals – The oversized pedals offer a number of different foot positions and still maintain a secure traction grip with comfort. Users can listen to music while they work out by plugging in their iPod into the Intermix Acoustics 2.0 Sound System and play any tracks they want. Train with the latest technology at your fingertips. The removable shelf was made to contain an iPad conveniently close to the user. The device gives access to all of the training tools and entertainment wanted for the workout with the swipe of a finger. Strong Points: 32 built-in workout programs is a lot for an elliptical of any price Not many ellipticals can claim that they support users up to 375 pounds but the Proform 1110E is one of them The 5-year parts and 2-year labor warranty is pretty decent but we’re not exactly blown away by it. Also, it seems that if you’re set on buying from Proform, this warranty is as good as it gets in 2013. Not exactly a strength but we should point out that the 1110E most likely does include adjustable ramp (as seen on the product pictures) but as it was oddly omitted in the description, we thought we should share this piece of info with you Weak Points: Elliptical is iFit enabled (this means the wireless module is included) but it’s unclear whether the iFit membership is included or not. Proform seems to have done away with the angle-adjustable pedal feature on the Proform 1110E No distinguishing feature to set itself apart from other mid-end or high-end ellipticals. It doesn’t even come with a wireless heart rate strap which we think is fair for an elliptical that retails at Verdict: (Verdict based on a review price of) At the time of review, the Proform 1110 E was not on sale which means if you want to take this baby home, you’re looking at forking over 2 grand for it. This is not the smartest decision in our opinion because the 1110E will likely be discounted by at certain times during the year. Compared to its little brother the 910E, the 1110E is not much better in the features department. Yes, you get a few extra workout programs and a few extra resistance levels as well as an iPad holder. The 1110E also has the advantage of including the iFit module but it’s unclear as to whether it requires you to purchase an iFit membership separately. Surprisingly, 910E allows you to adjust the angle of the pedals but the upgraded 1110 E seemingly does not. Perhaps the main selling point of the 1110E then is the upgraded quality and reliability. This machine is rated an impressive 375 lb and the 5-year parts and 2-year labor is as good as it gets from Proform. It’s not quite commercial quality yet but we can’t really expect commercial quality for an elliptical that sells in the.

Loren Lillian

Loren Lillian is a passionate Certified Personal Trainer and a motivator. She is helping his clients to achieve their personal health and fitness goals.