The Boston Marathon Treadmill Review

ProForm has always been known to be on the bleeding edge of fitness technology. However, there’s always room for improvement and the company has ensured of that. In fact, The Official Boston Marathon is definitely a treadmill that will push people to achieve maximum efficiency in training. One of the finest features that ProForm has outfitted this machine with is the SpeedRing. This is a little gadget which one can wear on their finger and help them adjust the speed settings of the machine. One can go all the way up to 15 miles per hour as he or she gradually increases its settings. Another thing that’s gotten a lot of people praising this treadmill is the inclusion of high definition Boston workout videos. There’s the opportunity to simulate actual running conditions, along with automatic decline and incline too. One can simulate running across hills to go all the way up to 20 percent in incline. Of course, ProForm continues to include the wireless chest strap. After all, there’s no better way for a person to get a great workout than when they’re keeping track of your own heart rate. One can certainly get the most efficient training without putting themselves at risk of injury or ailment. Users can also set their target cadence through the LCD console display. This serves a purpose similar to a metronome, in which users will be running based on their body rhythm. With this feature, training is at peak efficiency. The Official Boston Marathon treadmill is definitely a highlight among ProForm’s lineup of fitness equipment. People will be challenged to push themselves to the limits and simply achieve the kind of physique they’ve always wanted. This is definitely a machine that’s worth the money.

ProForm 505 CST Treadmill

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Good Points: We’ve never seen something like a SpeedRing before from any brand. Essentially, the ring uses Bluetooth to communicate with the treadmill to adjust the speed and incline Most treadmills only go up to 15% and 12 MPH but this marathon treadmill features a max 20% incline and 15 MPH top speed. Oh, it also has a decline option going all the way down 6%. Comes with adjustable cushioning that simulates conditions running outside The Boston Marathon treadmill’s minimalist design and layout is different than most home and commercial treadmills. For experienced runners, this may be just what you need. A motor with a 4.25 CHP horsepower rating is among the most powerful. A 62” belt is also among the longest we’ve seen. We would have liked to see a 22” wide belt considering the price. You’re able to surf the web directly on your console We thought Proform was joking when they put “Get it for Only their website 6-year parts and 3 years labor is Some unknowns such as product weight, maximum user weight, whether it comes with speakers for your MP3 player and whether the integrated iFit module comes with a free yearly subscription. However, these things may not matter that much for reasons stated in our verdict below. Verdict: If you’re seriously considering getting the Official Boston Marathon Treadmill by Proform, you’re likely either obscenely rich or running is important enough to you such that you’re willing to spend this amount of money on a machine. Our verdict is written from the latter’s perspective. If you’ve looked at other home treadmills on the market, you might have noticed how different the Boston Marathon treadmill looks in comparison. Basically, I think Proform really designed this with the passionate runner in mind because it did away with anything excessive and kept the look as simple as possible. Hence, they termed their design as “minimalist” on their product page and it stated as for “experienced runners.” You’re either going to love or hate the design but one thing we know you’re going to love is the monstrous specs on this machine. Among the offerings from Proform or Nordictrack, we don’t think we’ve ever seen a machine that has so many bells and whistles and yet, is equally impressive in terms of its main components and quality. Generally speaking, commercial treadmills from other brands usually have embarrassingly few extra features. Proform and Nordictrack treadmills on the other hand often dazzle you with its set of features but leaves a bit to be desired in the reliability department. The Boston Marathon treadmill is I think, the first ever treadmill that manages to impress us at both the feature and reliability level. Impressive as this treadmill may be, I’m sure you’re wondering whether the price is justified. In our opinion, not really. We’re not sure if it will ever come down in price but we really have trouble recommending this treadmill to our readers. For this price, you can get yourself a Nordictrack X11i incline trainer AND a relatively new second had true commercial treadmill and you might still have money left over. Of course, this Proform marathon treadmill is one of its kind but if money is of concern, there might be more clever ways of spending it.

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