Nordictrack X11i Trainer Treadmill Review at 2017

We’re reviewing the Nordictrack X11i at a sale price of. 2014 Upgrades & Differences: The 2014 Nordictrack X11i has been recently rereleased and features a few minor upgrades over the 2013 version. Here are the upgrades we found. Upgrade 1: Wider but shorter belt: The older 2013 model features the longer 20″ x 62″ belt while the 2014 model sports the wider 22″ x 60″ belt. In our opinion, the belt used for the 2014 model is slightly superior. For many people, an extra 2 inches to the belt WIDTH is noticeable but an extra 2 inches to the belt LENGTH is not. That is why we favor the 2014 model’s wider but shorter belt by a slight margin. Upgrade 2: Tablet holder: This seems to be a new feature introduced in 2014. We haven’t seen a console that allows you to clip your tablet before so this is a nice touch. (Normally, if you want to use your tablet while exercising on a treadmill, you would need to buy a third party addon like a surfshelf or a reading rack.) Upgrade 3: 4.25 HP motor: The 2013 version features a slightly less powerful 4 HP motor which is slightly weaker than the 2014’s 4.25 HP motor version. The little extra power is nice but I’m guessing the impact is going to be minimal. What Makes The Nordictrack X11i Worth Buying? It’s the best treadmill Nordictrack has to offer in 2014 albeit at a premium price tag Features a 10″ touchscreen console which is to my knowledge, the largest treadmill console you will find in 2014 Awesome -6 degree decline to 40 incline range (this is an incline trainer’s main selling point so if you don’t need your machine to come with this steep of a slope, downgrade to a normal treadmill to save some dough) We’re impressed that Nordictrack has once again decided to offer a 3 year labor warranty which is groundbreaking considering no one was offering more than a 2 year labor warranty as recently as 2012 What Makes The Nordictrack X11i NOT Worth Buying? The 375 lbs weight capacity is respectable at but as the top end Nordictrack model, we kind of expected a 400+ lbs rating A 2.5″ roller is just OK. We would have liked to see it go up to 2.75″ or 3.0″ Verdict: If you want the best of the best for 2014, the X11i incline trainer is one you should carefully consider. Compared to the 2013 model, the 2014 model is about 10% more expensive (at time of review). The upgrades we have listed above are in our opinion not that important and may not be enough to justify the extra. But the best often comes at a premium and the choices are plentiful if you want something more affordable. Nordictrack’s Incline Series just got better. This 2014, Nordictrack brings you the X11i – the brand’s most advanced incline trainer. What makes the X11i the most advanced incline trainer? Apart from featuring a quiet but very powerful continuous motor (4.25 HP), it is built for a 40% incline. Burning calories are at your fingertips. Change incline, decline, and your speed with literally just a single touch on the unit’s patented 1-Touch control system. The X11i is technologically advanced. The unit comes with a 10-inc colored touch-screen tablet. Not just that, this monitor is web-enabled so you can work out while enjoying the World Wide Web. Of course, it carries Nordictrack’s improved basic features like the first ever extra-long tread belt, comes with a good set of warranties, reflex cushioning, heart rate monitor (wireless unit likewise included), and a set of precision, balanced, and non-flex rollers, among many other great features. The Nordictrack X11i Incline Trainer is just one of the brand’s hottest models for 2014. It is the most advanced incline trainer given that it has the widest and longest tread belt ever made, add to that the 40% incline feature, the tablet that goes with it, and the very quiet but powerful 4.25 CHP motor.

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