2017 Proform Performance 600 c Treadmill Review

The Proform Performance 600 c is a treadmill machine which is equipped with a 2.75 CHP Commercial Motor. Built for heavy duty training this Proform machine can handle weight extending to 325 lb. It does not matter whether it is speed or intensity that you are after, the Proform Performance 600 c will surely do the trick. To assist you achieve your fitness goals the Proform Performance 600 c comes with 22 workout apps. These apps have incline, speed, and time settings on a preset for maximum performance of each type of workout you choose. This iFit Compatible treadmill also boasts of its spacious deck that measures 20ā€ x 60ā€ (tread belt), its QuickSpeed Controls that could increase speed up to 12 MPH, and their patented SpaceSaver with Easy Lift Assist. Training on a treadmill does not have to be dull for a little entertainment could help boost your performance. This is why the Proform Performance 600 c arrives with an Intermix Acoustics Sound System which is iPod compatible. Now, you can listen to your own choices of songs while training. Burn all those unwanted calories and fats while staying on your preferred heart rate. All this you can monitor on the Proform Performance 600 cā€™s console. The EKG Grip Pulse comes with built in sensors which helps every runner closely monitor your heart rate. For each runners comfort the Proshox Cushioning helps reduce the impact commonly experienced by the joints. But when it is time to slow down and the heat is just too much to handle then turn on the CoolAire Workout Fan to keep you cool. Review Price: We’re reviewing the Proform Performance 600c at a sale price of. What Makes The Proform Performance 600c Worth Buying? This is possibly the first sub treadmill we’ve reviewed with a 60″ long belt A 2 year parts warranty is also rarely seen at this price Comes with 22 workout apps which is often more than competitors’ high-end treadmills 325 lb weight capacity is respectable given the price What Makes The Proform Performance 600c Worth Buying? Anytime you consider buying a treadmill, you should look at its weight capacity and actual weight. In the case of the Proform Performance 600c, we know the weight capacity but not the actual weight. A treadmill priced as low as could potentially translate into a sub-par running experience and/or quality issues The spacesaver feature which essentially means the treadmill is foldable could further destabilize the already potentially flimsy treadmill Verdict: If you’re considering the Performance 600c for your home, be very cautious. On paper, there is really nothing really wrong with this Proform treadmill but we can’t help but feel that once a treadmill drops to a certain price, certain corners have to be cut. And the Performance 600c being the second cheapest Proform treadmill at the time of review, could potentially spell trouble. A much safer bet we feel is the Nordictrack C970 Pro at.

Loren Lillian

Loren Lillian is a passionate Certified Personal Trainer and a motivator. She is helping his clients to achieve their personal health and fitness goals.