2017 Nordictrack C 700 Treadmill Review

No matter what terrain in the world you want to conquer the Nordictrack C 700 will be there to provide you with such an experience. Equipped with the iFit technology, the C 700 can help you create running routes from anywhere in the world through its Google Maps. Increase and decrease your pace, as well as the incline or decline positions as you please with its 1-Touch controls. With just a touch of a button the incline can adjust quickly up to 12 percent without any delays. The Nordictrack C 700 is built with plenty of running space. Its 20”x 60” tread belt was not only designed for a quieter workout, but to accommodate runners no matter what the height. The tread belt of the C 700 is beyond compare for it reduces noise and friction, as well as stays firmly on the center of the deck.

The FlexSelect Cushioning is another feature that the Nordictrack C 700 brags about for you are able to adjust it depending on your preference. So whether it’s a low impact running experience for joint comfort or running on a road like surface, the C 700 will be able to deliver it. Built for heavy duty workouts, the Nordictrack C 700’s 2.75 CHP DURX commercial motor has a drive system that cools internal components while reducing noise even in long workouts. It can even handle weight of up to 350 lbs. One of the best feature of the Nordictrack C 700 is not just because it is easy to store through its EasyLift, but it is able to monitor your heart rate through the sensors on the handle bars known as the CardioGrip. Review Price We’re reviewing the Nordictrack C700 based on a sale price of. Price Comparison of Nordictrack C700 and C970 Pro The C700 currently sells at a price of while the C970 Pro is slightly more expensive at. Comparison of C700 and C970 Pro : Though the C700 comes in at less than the C970, we see a noticeable drop off in the features offered and the quality. Here’s what we found. No Wireless Chest Strap– The Nordictrack C700 is compatible with but does not come with a wireless heart rate strap unlike the C970. The strap is worth about if bought separately. 1.9″ vs 2.5″ rollers – Smaller rollers means heat becomes harder dissipate making your belt heat up easier. We feel the C700’s smaller rollers might be slightly inadequate for prolonged workouts. Shortened parts warranty from 3 years to 2 years – Though a 2 year parts warranty for a treadmill is quite common, obviously we much prefer the longer parts warranty of the Nordictrack C970 Max incline reduced to 12% from 15% – The C700 comes up a bit shorter here too against the C970 Pro. Slightly weaker motor (3.0 CHP vs 2.75 CHP) – Again, the C700 features a slightly less powerful motor which may be problematic for heavier users or higher speeds Smaller 6″console – The Nordictrack C700’s six inch console is OK but we much prefer the 7″ console of the C970 Pro 8 fewer workouts – The C700 comes with 24 workout apps which is pretty decent but we can’t help but feel a bit jealous of the 32 workouts that come with the C970 Pro So as you can see, at the time of review, the C700 may have the price advantage but it takes a big hit in both features and quality. If you ask us, we feel the differences between the two are worth at least. In other words, unless you have a very compelling reason to buy the C700, its big brother, the C970 Pro is a much, MUCH better deal. What Makes The Nordictrack C700 Worth Buying? Still a pretty decent treadmill at a pretty decent price though there are better deals out there Belt size is pretty generous and in fact, many competing brands actually have treadmills that are double the cost but have belts that are not as spacious Adjustable cushioning used to be a premium feature but not anymore since they’re now found in even sub models like this one What Makes The Nordictrack C700 NOT Worth Buying? High weight capacity of 350 lbs but we feel this is quite high considering its sub 3 HP motor, small rollers, unknown machine weight and a relatively short manufacture warranty.

Loren Lillian

Loren Lillian is a passionate Certified Personal Trainer and a motivator. She is helping his clients to achieve their personal health and fitness goals.