Proform Pro 9000 Treadmill Review

There is definitely nothing like the Pro-Form Pro 9000 for it has raised the bar when it comes to performance and durability. Pro-Form could not help but brag about their products because of its matchless features. This heavy duty treadmill training machine has a 4.2 CHP motor and can handle as much as 400 lbs in weight. The motor, frame, and deck is something that any training runner, athlete, or owner should worry about for it has a lifetime warranty. The electronic parts also have a 6-year warranty plus a 3-year labor warranty so set your worries aside. When training for a competition it is always best that you train with the best. The Pro-Form Pro 9000 is iFit enabled allowing each runner to focus more on their goals and performance. So whether it is nutrition and online fitness tracking that you need or thousands of workout programs the Pro-Form Pro 9000 can surely deliver. You can even compete with iFit community members or enjoy workouts powered by Google Maps. The Pro-Form Pro 9000 have a -3 to 0% quick decline controls for decline training which happen to be the newest revolution in treadmill workouts. But let us not forget the Android powered 10” touch screen web browser, the decline and incline controls, and the HD video workouts that arrive with this product. The dual grip EKG heart rate monitor and wireless chest strap together with the CoolAire workout fan makes the Pro-Form Pro 9000 the best choice to make. Strong Points Similar to its little brother the Pro7000, the Pro 9000 also features a 10″ display But unlike the Pro 7000, there’s an built-in android browser on this 10″ display Impressive 6 year parts/electronics warranty and 3 year labor warranty (we rarely see labor warranties longer than 2 years) Though becoming increasingly common over the last 2-3 years, we still like the fact that there is both an incline and a decline option on this treadmill Extremely spacious 22″x60″ belt powered by equally powerful 4.2 CHP motor (we’ve hardly seen belts wider than 20″ in width and motors rated at more than 4.0 horsepower) Weak Points The Proform Pro 9000 costs a pretty penny even at the sale price of at the time of review Does not come with free trial iFit membership Verdict (Price at time of review is) If you exclude Proform’s special Boston Marathon treadmill series, the Pro 9000 is the BEST that Proform has to offer in July of 2013. In both the features and quality department, the Pro 9000 literally leaves little to be desired. When compared to its little brother (the Pro 7000), the or so price difference is also well justified. For people like us who follow Proform’s product releases every year, it’s exciting to see that every year, Proform consistently comes out with better products that are not necessarily more expensive. For example, if you compare the Pro 9000 to what was offered a few years back, you should expect to pay or more and that is for an inferior model! For buyers in 2013, just know that a treadmill that has 38 built-in workouts, a display screen that is as big as 10″, a 3 year labor warranty, a 22″ wide belt, a motor rated more than 4 HP, and a declinable treadmill all wrapped in one is a rarity. At which is the current sale price, we admit it’s a big chunk of cash. To be frank, we cannot recommend this for first time buyers because it might be overkill. But for runners who aren’t quite ready to step up to a commercial model or are just looking to upgrade to a high end residential unit, this is as good as it gets from Proform in 2018.

Loren Lillian

Loren Lillian is a passionate Certified Personal Trainer and a motivator. She is helping his clients to achieve their personal health and fitness goals.