Weslo Momentum 220 X Elliptical Review

Want to own an exercise tool but is worried about your tight budget? Worry no more with this great Weslo Momentum 220 X that offers great features for you to lose weight and achieve a healthier heart. Take advantage with the elliptical’s 4 different workout programs that you can choose from. These programs are made by a certified personal trainer and have been designed to produce results that you’ve always wanted.


Make the most out of your every workout with the built-in Easy Pulse™ heart rate monitor which assists you to keep track of your heart rate. The sensors are built into the handlebars so the moment you grip it, you will automatically see the accurate results right into the huge LCD Workout Display that also tracks your speed, time, distance, calories burned, fat calories burned and pulse all throughout the workout.


Great features of Weslo Momentum 220 X are Digital Resistance which permits you to adjust the workout resistance for increased calorie burn and higher intensity, the 18″ stride length to get longer and leaner muscles, SMR™ Silent Magnetic Resistance and Digitally controlled resistance. All of these great features are found in a very affordable but effective exercise tool, the Weslo Momentum 220 X.

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Good points

  • Longer than normal stride length at this price

Bad points

  • Unspecified weight capacity and warranty but expect it to be really on the low end


  • The Weslo Momentum 220 X was not built to be durable enough to handle workouts at upper middle intensities. As such, you should buy this elliptical only if you’re not going to be performing strenuous workouts. But then again, that kind of defeats the purpose of buying an elliptical doesn’t it. So who should buy this elliptical? Those who are absolutely  strapped for cash.