Nordictrack SpaceSaver Plus Elliptical Review

Discover the difference of owning a NordicTrack SpaceSaver Plus Elliptical. Invest on an exercise machine from the NordicTrack brand that saves you room and gives you a lot of space. Unlike the other ellipticals from this brand which takes several steps to fold, the NordicTrack SpaceSaver Plus could be stored in 1 easy step. It is especially designed to fit in small places to give more room inside your home when you don’t use it.
It comes with 20 personal workouts to help you achieve your fitness goal. It has iFit Workout Card Technology, onboard fan, and an EKG heart rate monitor for quick reading of your pulse information. It has oversized pedals to make you feel more comfortable.

It also has an Interplay music port, making it possible for you to plug in your iPod or media player so you get entertained even while exercising. With features including 16 resistance settings and StrideSelect 12″, 15″, or 18″, working out your upper body muscles burns more calories and tones your body even better. By combining resistance training and cardio, you get an overall workout. Not only that, using this elliptical could really add definition to the back of your arms, shoulders, and buns.

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Good points

  • Elliptical is well equipped with the bells and whistles you would come to expect from Nordictrack
  • Three different stride lengths
  • Lots of workout programs

Bad points

  • Some issues with noise
  • Weight capacity is on the low end suggesting lower quality


  • Not a bad choice if it goes on sale but you can usually find a better deal elsewhere. UPDATE: When this elliptical was originally reviewed, it has a MSRP of $999 but today (July 24th,2009) it’s selling for $599 which is $400 less. This makes this elliptical one of the best all around deals in terms of value. In this price range, it’s a great entry elliptical and perhaps the best offering from Nordictrack.