Proform 910 EX Elliptical Review

The fitness machine that makes working out fun and interesting is here. The Proform 910 EX Elliptical unique features unlike any other fitness machine in the market. You’ll surely enjoy very working out and keep things interesting as you progress.

You will certainly feel super with its patented Super Ramp. You can adjust the incline which will certainly give you better results in no time. Plus, back and joint pains will be nothing but a mere thing of the past.

For those who have been planning to lose weight, this machine has 2 Calorie-Burn Workouts. These are patented workout programs specifically designed to make the user lose weight in no time. Designed by top fitness consultants, you’ll be assured to be fit and sexy before you know it.

This also has a Grafixx Display console. This has a high-resolution display that brings out the life from the screen. Now you can track accurate readings like the speed, time, pulse rate, and even the calories you burned.

Jam with your favorite artist as you plug your iPod in. This feature allows you to listen to your favorite track while you lose all those unwanted pounds. Sleeping while working out is a no no, so better pump up the volume on the 910 EX Elliptical.

Fitness will be easy to achieve with the Proform 910 EX Elliptical. Try out this machine and experience workout unlike another. With these great features and more, never again you’ll be tired and bored working out. Be fit, be healthy, and live the good life with 910 EX Elliptical today.

Good Points

  • Won’t break the bank even when the Proform 910 EX isn’t on sale
  • Good number of workouts (20) considering the price
  • Features multiple stride lengths from 19” to 21” which is another feature that is often missing in competing brands

Bad Points

  • Warranty is among the worst of all current 2012 Proform ellipticals
  • Utilizes the older iFit workout card technology instead of the newer iFit Live technology
  • Can’t say for sure how the adjustable Super Ramp compares to the traditional ramps found in other ellipticals
  • Machine weight unknown


  • When we looked at this elliptical, the most immediate thing that caught our attention was the low retail price of $999. Although we wouldn’t recommend you buy this at the full retail price of $999 because it’s only an OK but not awesome deal, we would encourage you to take a closer look when it’s around the $699 area.
  • Compared to the other models that Proform has out right now such as the 1050E or the 14.0 CE, the 910 EX we would say is more similar than different. There are really no major differences between them which is to be expected as they are all more or less the same price so oftentimes, it just comes down to the minor details such as whether you want a longer warranty, adjustable strides or more built-in workouts.
  • Though affordable, if you’re in the market for something a little more extravagant, we recommend you look elsewhere. The 910 EX is a good starter elliptical but there is plenty of room for improvement.